Preventive maintainance of all type of industrial cranes, such as:
EOT Cranes (Single Girder / Double Girder):- Single girder, Double girder.
H.O.T. cranes:- With electrical hoists & with chain pulley blocks.
Goliath Cranes
Semi Goliath Cranes
Jib Cranes
Material Lifts
Electrical Hoists & winches


DSL arrangement of copper wire, Angle-iron & Shrouded Type Bus bar

Gantries-Girders & Rails

All electrical work required for the above

Procurement of spares required for the above

Technical assistance & inspection whenever required.

Since we have been working in the above field for the past 21+ years. We have complete setup of tools & tackles as well as machines required to execute the above work with lesser efforts & speedy time.